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  • Can I wear my toe ring in shoes?
    YES! A toe ring fit properly with 1/4 size play between the skin and ring can be worn in any shoe. From the office to the gym you will almost forget your wearing it.
  • What makes toe rings comfortable?
    Our full banded toe rings are designed similar as a finger ring, yet smooth and countered.
  • How do I put on and take off my toe ring?
    With one little spray of windex you place the ring on top of the toe rocking side to side slipping the ring under your to pad. To remove spray with windex, then pull under neath toe pad and over the knuckle. With the strokes it will slip right off.
  • How can I tell I have the ultimate fit?
    when you can spin your ring with a 1/4 play between your piece and toe. that you can't pull it off without windex. then after wearing your toe ring for a few days you almost for got it was there. remember a toe ring too big will bend and you will find discomfort in closed toe shoes.
  • Will I lose my toe ring?
    Most people lose there ring when they take it off and forget where they have placed it. You may want to be extra careful if you have a straight toe with no toe pad. In this case when in the shower, swimming, or snorkeling you can place a band-aid around your toe.
  • Toe Sizing
    print the sizing tool and cut along the edges. wrap the size where the end of the toe sizer chart meets the #'s. measure the tip of your toe, then the middle, & write down the two sizes. then email us and we will complete your accurate size.
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